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Leading LinkedIn strategist and voted #1 by Forbes on teaching selling using LinkedIn

Andy Edwards 

Why Can’t Clients Be More Like Me?

Andy’s early career as an estate agent launched his interest in behavioural psychology.  He identified an overriding (and counter-intuitive) reason why people buy properties, and so started to research how people make decisions.  Now, with accreditations in behavioural psychology, business development, and coaching,  Andy speaks all over the world about ‘How People Tick’.  In this session, you will be introduced to a model of human behaviour, understand why people are driven by different things – and even get to know what your clients say about you when you’re not there!


James Muir

James Muir is the founder and CEO of Best Practice International and the bestselling author of the #1 book on closing sales – The Perfect Close. James is a 30-year veteran of sales having served in every role – from individual contributor to executive VP. His mission – to make the complex simple.

James has extensive background in healthcare where he has sold-to and spoken for the largest names in technology and healthcare including HCA, Tenet, Catholic Healthcare, Banner, Dell, IBM and others.

James is passionate, enthusiastic and fun. He likes to have fun while he works. Not only is James a lifelong student of sales, he’s also an accomplished guitarist, organic chemistry fan and fitness buff.

James lives in the mountains of Salt Lake City with his wife and two sons.

Richard McCann

Richard McCann is a Times No 1 best-selling author, Inspirational Speaker and Presentation Skills Coach. He is also the founder of the ‘iCan Academy’ and has been helping individuals become more, authentic, engaging and persuasive speakers for over 10 years. He works with all levels and has clients including Vodafone, Garmin and Halfords. Over 7000 people have experienced his coaching and with almost 3000 keynote presentations delivered over the last 15 years as a speaker, you are in very safe and experienced hands.

He helps individuals with one-to-one coaching, runs live training events to the public as well as in-house to teams whilst also delivering online training where necessary. He focuses on three key areas. Presentation skills, Storytelling and Speaking to Camera Skills.

Andy Bounds

Andy Bounds helps companies sell more and communicate better.

Awarded the title Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year, and described by AstraZeneca’s Global Communication Director as “a genius, whose advice can’t be ignored”, Andy’s insights and passion stem from the fact his mother is blind. This has given him a lifetime’s experience of communicating from someone else’s point of view… a critical skill to master when persuading others!

Andy’s three books are all international best-sellers. The first was only kept off Amazon's #1 spot by Harry Potter!

Andy has worked in 40+ countries, with some of the world's largest and most famous companies, as well as for Governments, professional bodies and business experts. He's presented alongside experts from business (like Michael Gerber and Drayton Bird) and sport (like Manchester United's Assistant Manager Mike Phelan).

His core belief is “AFTERs drive everything. It's not what you say that counts. It’s what people do differently AFTER you’ve said it.”


Thomas Williams

Tom Williams is a former senior executive with general management and sales and marketing expertise with major health care organizations. For 25 years he consistently built shareholder value by selling and marketing high technology products and services in the domestic and international markets.

Tom is currently the Founder and Chairman of Strategic Dynamics Inc. The firm helps organizations accelerate revenue generation by improving sales effectiveness. The firm offers new hire and behavioral style assessment tools that specialize in leadership, sales, management, conflict resolution and communication;  buy-sell process mapping, development of sales playbooks and buyer personas; and several programs based upon their two books entitled “The Seller’s Challenge: How Top Sellers Master 10 Deal Killing Obstacles in B2B Sales” and Buyer Centered Selling: How Modern Sellers Engage & Collaborate With Buyers.


As a Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tom sold high technology medical products and services through a variety of distribution channels in a wide array of markets worldwide. He was also the CEO of two specialty hospitals, the Vice President & General Manager of an ancillary services division and the President of a medical services company.

Tom’s personal profile includes a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Detroit. He has a Master’s degree in Management (MAM) and a Master’s degree in Business (MBA) from the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University. He has a Master’s degree in Education (MEd) from The University of California San Diego (UCSD). He is also a registered and certified respiratory therapist. 

Tom is also the co-author of a book entitled “Selling to Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations: A Glossary of Business Acumen & Personnel”. He resides in Scottsdale, AZ.

Jamie Martin

Correct Careers Coaching - Modern Sales Training & Sales Strategy Business.

Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert (Managing Director & Founder of Correct Careers Coaching) is an award-winning (6x) sales professional, Modern Sales Coach & Trainer, cocreator of a B2B sales e-Learning course, as well as an author, podcaster, and speaker.

Jamie is passionate about sales strategy, social media, and sales training to help businesses improve their revenue and processes. Focusing on selling to different personalities!
Jamie helps streamline business sales strategy - enhancing a strategic approach to selling, resources, developing employees' sales skills, ICT/materials utilised during the sales process, etc. Jamie delivers modern sales training (full sales cycle) including social media marketing/prospecting, lead generation, new business conversion, client relationship management, negotiation, as well as my own pioneering programme - Sales Psychology.


Jamie Martin Testimonials

I was introduced to Jamie by one of our board members to review our existing sales strategy/processes, identify our strengths/weaknesses and make recommendations to ensure we achieve our 2020 sales targets. Right from the start I was impressed by Jamie’s personal approach and his desire to fully understand the way in which my organisation was operating ahead of spending a day with my team. Ahead of visiting my team Jamie sought a significant amount of background information. With each request I gained confidence that Jamie was truly understanding the opportunities and challenges within my organisation. Jamie spent a significant amount of time with me to further understand the business and the tolerances and willingness we had towards change. His approach with my team was open, friendly, and gently probing. His enthusiasm was infectious, making my organisation comfortable and willing to take on board any recommendation he made. His report was generated very rapidly and again his requests for additional information highlighted his desire to ensure the recommendations made were realistic and fully considered our existing processes. The final report was thorough and provided our organisation with an excellent external review of our sales strategy and processes. Furthermore, his recommendations to implement new strategies/processes and areas we should be retained were described and linked to a business rationale. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has precluded us from implementing most of his recommendations, but we started using several straight away, all of which have been very helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jamie to any business wanting a thorough evaluation of their sales strategy/processes with challenging yet achievable recommendations.
I had the pleasure of attending Jamie's Sales Psychology programme over Zoom during lockdown. I find it hard to think of when I had a more useful afternoon. Jamie's enthusiasm is infectious and his experience and expertise are freely shared during the session. I would not hesitate to recommend Jamie to anyone who wants to improve their approach to B2B sales for themselves or for their in house sales team.
I am so happy that you were able to help create a system in order to help me get in front of the right people as this is something that has caused me the most insecurity and anxiety as a salesperson and isn't really something that is readily taught or available online so I am very grateful for that.